Quick and Easy Wood Deck

eco friendly wood treatment

eco wood stain
Using basic supplies from Home Depot, my husband built this wood deck for our backyard. I love it because it expands the usable space. We plan to put a long table on it for summer alfresco dinners.

I used Eco Wood Treatment to protect the wood. It comes in a powder form and you mix it with water. And then you simply paint on one coat. It darkens a little over time (see photo below of our other deck),
is non-toxic

and sooo easy!
ps-Those are the chairs that I conditioned with all natural coconut oil.

organic treatment to protect wood


  1. It looks beautiful and I adore your view:) Ah, stunning. xoxo

  2. You have an effect on is totally appreciative and full of interest. Brady
    I don't think numerous websites offer these posts of collection. Dawnette

  3. Great view and deck.

  4. Absolutely Gorgeous!! I love the deck, the space usage and how it intersects with the patio! A beautifully executed DIY to be sure!! Kudos to you both!!

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