Conditioning Metal Patio Furniture with Coconut Oil

My incredibly old patio set from Costco was looking really dried out so I  wanted to try and recondition it. I searched online to see if coconut oil would work because I like natural products and I didn't want to mess with chemicals. I couldn't find anyone who had tried using coconut oil on metal patio chairs.

So I decided to try it.
The transformation was amazing!
I first used solid Trader Joe's Coconut Oil
This was kind of messy because it dripped as it warmed up and melted.

I tested a small section to make sure it wouldn't lift the finish or be too greasy. I let it sit for a week and it looked so good, I decided to refurbish the whole set.

I switched over  to Trader Joe's Coconut Oil Cooking Spray and made sure to spray the chairs on a dirt area in our yard so the oil wouldn't stain the patio.

I love how the whole set looks now(right chair). If you decide to try Trader Joes, coconut oil on your metal patio furniture please test a small part first to make sure it won't damage your finish.

And be sure and leave a comment and link to a picture of your before and after's.


  1. Oh my goodness ! This is such a great idea ! We are getting our very first set of outdoor furniture, I will have to try this ! Such a great tip !

  2. I can see the difference, Jana! The oiled one looks more shiny and brand new than the other one. I think the coconut oil will be able to protect the metal furniture from getting rusty, which is one of the risks of outdoor wicker works. Good job!

    Ian Hawkins @ Wicker Works of Brownsburg


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